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Happiness Exercise #4: Take Your Cue From Nature

April 22nd is Earth Day, a time to celebrate all of the splendor that Nature offers and a reminder to honor and protect our planet. Nature provides this magnificent backdrop for us every moment of every day. As we dance on the stage of life, we often forget to take time to admire its’ beauty and offer gratitude for its’ sustenance. This year, why not make it personal (as if the ground you walk on isn’t personal enough!)?

Step outside and let your mind get lost in the clouds. Take your shoes off and feel smooth blades of grass under your feet or step softly on the moss blanketing a bed of tree roots. Feel the warm sun on your face. Stare at a flower – not just for a quick, few seconds. Take the time to notice the color and shape of its’ petals. Draw in its’ fragrance. Study a tree. Notice how it grasps the Earth. How does its’ bark look? How does it feel? Gaze up through its’ canopy of leaves, if they’ve even unfurled themselves yet. Draw in a deep, sweet breath and consciously offer your loving exhalation to a tree that will transform it into the very essence of another breath in return. Open your mind and heart and bring Earth Day into your every day!

Happiness Tip: Set an intention to consciously take some time to notice and appreciate Mother Nature’s offerings (For a moment? A minute? A day? Up to you!). Find a beautiful rock or shell and place it in a spot in your home or office or car – any place where you’ll notice it. Let that jewel from Nature remind you to look outside (or better yet – GO outside!) and cherish all that you see. Remind yourself to offer gratitude for all of our planet's gifts and be sure to smile when your eyes dance in Nature’s glory! It’ll make a world of difference in your embrace of the day!

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