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Still Holding That Grudge?

Ever find yourself so annoyed with someone that the mere thought of their presence brings a shadow to your day? You may be thinking of that “certain someone” right now and feel the hair on the back of your neck bristling or notice your shoulders tightening.

I’m here to remind you that today—right now, in fact—is the perfect moment to take a step toward letting go of that frustration or anger. As you watch the suffering of our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine and feel somewhat helpless, let your heart be reminded of the light of peace. Peace begins at home, in your own heart. Peace begins with you.

Ever hear the story of the “Christmas Truce Miracle?” It happened in 1914 during World War I. As told by Gillian Brockell in the Washington Post: “On a frosty, starlit night, a miracle took place. In 1914, a melody drifted over the darkness of No Man’s Land. First, “O, Holy Night,” then “God Save the King.” Peeking over their trenches for what must have been the first time in weeks, British soldiers were surprised to see Christmas trees lit with candles on the parapets of the enemy’s trenches. The Christmas Truce was a brief, spontaneous cease-fire that spread up and down the Western Front in the first year of World War I. It’s also a symbol of the peace on Earth and goodwill toward humans so often lacking not just on the battlefront but in our everyday lives.”

The soldiers who embraced this truce saw each other as humans or brothers first, enemies on the firing line after. It’s an unbelievable story that illustrates the power of the heart over the power of the sword.

Even though we may feel helpless in our ability to help our neighbors across the seas, we can always do our part at home. In addition to any heartfelt effort you are called to make on behalf of others worldwide, understand that peace begins around your kitchen table, at your next family gathering, in your backyard. Not everyone will be receptive to this change; your “enemy” may not even realize the small shift in your heart. But change toward good, toward peace, will never happen unless someone makes the first move in that direction. Let peace begin with you and….

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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