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Spring Cleaning on the Inside

Once a year, we are reminded to do the infamous spring cleaning. Maybe this entails washing some windows, cleaning out the garden, or vacuuming behind those places that no one ever sees. When you take the time to clean those unnoticed areas, you begin to realize how much gunk can accumulate over time (especially if you’ve become an expert speed-cleaner like me, just touching the surface).

Now imagine going about your life as usual and never making any particular effort to change or improve yourself (speed-cleaning your way through life, so to say). Maybe, you’ve become a little more impatient with others or no longer try to make new friends. Perhaps, you don’t smile as much as you used to—but you keep plugging away at life, accepting who you’ve become. It could be that you haven’t even realized how far you’ve moved away from that optimistic or joyous person you used to be. Until you take the time to realize the places you need to grow, parts of you will be living in dark, dusty places under the couch. Everyone is in need of nourishment and development on the inside, and change comes from a willingness to look within and take action to make life brighter.

Sometimes, all we need is a little nudge in the right direction, a little reminder to make a positive change or effort in life. Even the smallest actions can bring joy to the heart—a light conversation with a stranger, a meaningful “thank you” to a loved one, or a welcome favor for an unassuming friend. Positive shifts can also come from enrolling in a new course, picking up an insightful book, or taking a long walk to absorb your surroundings. Any move that uplifts you is a step in the right direction. The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The one change you make today toward inner growth, peace, or kindness may end up taking you a gazillion miles away—all in the right direction.

The season of Spring is a vivid illustration of the beauty of change. It’s the universe reminding us that even from autumn and winter’s dark decay come the vibrancy of light and color in spring. Nature’s roots are deep, and so is our connection to the source of life’s brilliance. It’s time we embraced the clue that Spring offers each year relative to our own inner garden:

Dig deep. Plant new seeds. Enjoy the sun and the rain and watch things blossom.

Therein lies the true beauty of the season.

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Spring cleaning itself can be that self-reflective time. As you clean, think about the gunk, the accumulated smudges on your heart, mind, soul. I love cleaning the windows and thinking about what I need to do to see more clearly, to be more transparent to others, to welcome anyone looking in, making sure a lovely bright light within the house and me can be seen when it's dark outside. Thanks for a great reminder to reflect on ourselves as we spring clean!

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Lovely share, Ginny! Clarity is the beautiful result of both internal and external cleaning--and they both take work!💗

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