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Don't Fuhgeddaboudit

The pearl gripped by the oyster, the diamond encrusted in rock, the love letter buried in a book…all are beautiful, hidden treasures. Our bodies hide similar gems! Clearly, the greatest jewels of ourselves are those unseen qualities that rest deep within our hearts. But beyond that, there are also aspects of ourselves that remain buried in the background, and they’re just as valuable. Often, we’re reminded of these areas only when we’re bothered by them.

You’re feeling great, taking a little stroll, and then all of a sudden, you get an ache in your side or a pain in your foot. Prior to this, when was the last time that you consciously thought of your hip or your heel?! Or maybe, you get a splinter in the center of your index finger or a mosquito nibbles on your wrist! In all of these cases, your awareness is drawn to a place that often goes unnoticed. These aches and pains are reminders that our amazing bodies are actually made up of a gazillion, smaller bits. And smart, preventive “medicine” honors ALL of these aspects of ourselves—including the oft-forgotten areas—because each part plays a role in the smooth operation of our being. Each part is a connection and contributes to our health.

Once in a while (or daily!), take a moment to remember a hidden gem within you. Honor that space with your awareness. Massage it. It’s not only healthy for your body and mind, but also an ounce of fun! Give the spaces between your fingers a little thought and rub. Throw some love to the gaps between your toes and massage them. Touch the pockets behind your ears! Remember your elbows and give them a squeeze! Honor your body with your attention and offer it a bit of gratitude. Your “mere” ability to see and read this little blog is an amazing feat in and of itself! (Thank you eyes and brain!) YOU are an amazing gift to this planet! Cherish yourself—especially in the places that work so well that they've shifted to the background—and your body and being will thank you for it!

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