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Happiness Exercise #2: Engage Your Senses

Have you ever relished the aroma of freshly baked bread - or cookies? Appreciated the view of a beautiful sky or the face of a loved one? Sank into a chair enraptured by beautiful music - or been moved to get up & dance?! Me too!

Take a moment to honor your senses - the gateways to your perception.

Take a moment - right now - and draw a deep breath in. Let it go slowly. Now listen - what do you hear? Listen for the sound farthest away, and then notice something closer. Listen for your breath. Take another deep breath in and let it go slowly. Draw in a breath through your nostrils and let it go. What do you smell? Even the slightest hint of ... what? Take another deep breath in and let it go. Look around you. What do you see? Try to notice something that may often go unnoticed. Take a breath in and out. Rub your hands together slowly. How do they feel? Notice how the spaces between your fingers feel. Draw another deep breath in and out. Notice the flavor in your mouth? Does your last bite linger? Or do you long for a taste of something else? Get up and savor something fully. Notice how one single bite tastes and feels in your mouth. Sometimes, we live without honoring those gifts that allow us to live more fully. Happiness Tip: Try to consciously engage your senses on a more regular basis and embrace each moment fully - a sound, a fragrance, a sight, a touch, a taste! It'll make a world of difference in how you see the world around you! Have the best day!

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